Company visits are designed to give you a first-hand insight into a company, their culture, history and business model. Site visits will give you the opportunity to explore the departments and communicate to company executives. This is a great way to understand the organization of business in the region. As part of the BJN Weekend, before the opening of the event, the participants have the opportunity to choose one visit from the following companies:




arbooz_headerIt was summer of 2013 when arbOOz bakery first opened its doors to meet and greet the first customers. Although originally planned as a small boutique cafe, specializing just in hand-made macarons, cakes and cupcakes, it soon has become a hotspot for city’s desserts connoisseurs. In just a few months after opening, arbOOz was chosen as one of the 12 brands representing Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014 for the travelling exhibition organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

The founder of arbOOz and the executive pastry chef – Karina Krasovitska – is indeed a happy person — she has transformed her passion into a lifetime business adventure, being able to create something she loves for others to enjoy. In the early morning she will be in the cafe’s kitchen baking desserts, creating a seasonal offering, designing corporate identity.

In the first year were sold about 60 thousand sweet delights and 12 thousand drinks (by the way, a macaron box of 15 pieces is considered as one 1 item). The number of seats at the place has not changed since then – there are only 10 plus a summer terrace. The available range, on the other hand, has broadened markedly and continues to grow thanks to seasonal novelties. Lime tartlets with cloud meringue, pistachio éclairs, our signature carrot cake we have on the menu very Tuesday, macarons with strawberry and basil, berry mousses, coconut panna cotta, salted caramels, passion fruit marshmallows, green tea matcha cake, as well as blackcurrant meringue – believe us, they have many things to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Baltic Travel Group

logo-btgBaltic Travel Group is one of leading Destination Management companies in the Baltic States offering a full range of inbound travel services to individual, group and corporate clients. is the leading TRAVEL and DESTINATION management services company in the Baltic States. Our mission is to offer a wide range of travel services including inbound and outbound tours, Corporate travel solutions, MICE and PCO services and booking solutions for Hotels and Tourism portals. In 15 years of operation our team of experienced and professional experts has provided services in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to more than 385 000 visitors from 85 different countries.


Escape ROOM

logoIn the last few years a variety of quest-rooms have taken the title of the most developing areas of event-business.This business has an interesting tendency: event-business companies are not so much competing but rather helping each other to develop – as participants, after taking part in one of the rooms, are starting to look for new experiences in other places. The first step for such business – is to find and choose the format of the game. In the escape rooms it is necessary to find an exit by solving different logical and practical tasks. These quests need more investments in the premises. Escape rooms may be both intelectual competitive games as well as they can transfer clients to an alternative reality. See you in the Escape room!


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