Friday, April 7

till 12:30 Arrival and Brunch Restaurant
13:00-16:30 Company visits
Baltic Travel Group Arbooz Escape Room
16:30-17:15 Free time
17:30-18:00 BJN Weekend Opening Ceremony & Lechaim Hall 5
18:00-18:30 «Meet UP!» by Ilja Hagin Hall 5
18:30 — 19:30 «Development of NGOs in the 21st century» by Stefan Oscar (ENG) Hall 5
19:30-20:15 Preparation for Shabbat
20:15 Shabbat Candle Lighting at lounge
20:30- 21:15 Optional Shabbat Services:
Traditional with Stas Wojciechowicz Hall 2 / Prayer Room with Kalev Krelin Hall 3
21:15- 22:45 Festive Shabbat Dinner and Exclusive show «Kosher Stand up» by Ilia Akselrod (RUS). Evening presenter: Ilja Ban Hall 4
23:00 BJN Lounge. Table games and Mash Machine! Presenter: Zenja Tamme lounge

Shabbat, April 8

08:00-10:00 Breakfast Restaurant
09:15 Shaharit with Stas Wojciechowicz Hall 2
10:15-11:30 «Pitching Fortune 500 — how to prepare  presentation for your dream client»  by Gregory Rozanov (RUS) Hall 1 Jurmala Jewish City tour with Ilya Lensky (driving tour) 10:00 meeting at reception! (RUS) «Jewish business ethics with external world deals» by Kalev Krelin (RUS) Hall 2
11:45-13:00 «Social media in post-truth Russia — understanding modern Russian social media environment» by Gregory Rozanov (RUS) Hall 1 «Alternative investments — unusual sources of income» by Yuri Moskaliuk (RUS) Hall 2 «Unknown Israel» by Jevgeni Erlich (RUS)
Hall 3
13:00-13:45 Lunch Restaurant
13:45-14:45 «Fundamentals of creative thinking» by Ilia Akselrod (RUS) Hall 4
15:00-16:15 Partnerships and networking. Moderators: Ilja Hagin, Aleksandr Zdankevitch (RUS) Hall 1 Game Zone Lounge
16:30-17:45 «Internal and external VIP-negotiations management technology» (part 1) by Mikhail Grinfeld (RUS) Hall 1 «How Facebook works and how your business can benefit from largest social network in the world» by Konstantīns Jaunzems (RUS) Hall 2 «Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality» by Shahab Anbarjafari (ENG) Hall 3
17:45-18:15 Free time / Game Zone lounge
18:15-19:30 «Internal and external VIP-negotiations management technology» (part 2) by Mikhail Grinfeld (RUS) Hall 1 «Advertising on Facebook workshop: how to create “killer» ads and increase sales for your business» by Konstantīns Jaunzems (RUS) Hall 2 «Machine and Robots: where we are and where we will go» by Shahab Anbarjafari (ENG) Hall 3
19:30-20:30 Dinner Restaurant
20:30-21:15 BJN Photobooth (save the moment with your peers and friends) Presenter: Zenja Tamme / Game Zone Lounge
21:15-21:30 BJN Photo Hall 4
21:45-22:45 Havdalah and Closing ceremony Hall 5
22:45-00:30 Riga Bisquits Concert lounge

Sunday, April 9

08:00-10:00 Breakfast Restaurant
10:15-11:30 «Profession: Reporter» by Jevgeni Erlich (RUS) Hall 1 «Сrediting according to the Jewish tradition» by Stas Wojciechowicz (RUS) Hall 2 «To bargain or to negotiate: what is the difference: advices for those who do not need advice» by Maxim Yudin (RUS) Hall 3
11:45-12:15 BJN Highlights Hall 4
12:15-12:45 Packing
12:45-13:30 Lunch Restaurant
13:30 See you at the next BJN events! Follow us on
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